1) All-inclusive interpreting services for perfect interpreting at your event:

Tailor-made interpreting solutions, highly qualified interpreters, sound equipment and booths

I will identify the linguistic challenges you may be facing and work out tailor-made solutions for you so that your event will be a success.

I can provide teams of highly qualified interpreters for any language you may need and coordinate their schedules in order to provide perfect interpreting at your event.

I can also provide simultaneous interpreting booths and the necessary sound equipment.

Throughout the entire planning and staging phases of your event, I am at your disposal as an expert contact person for all the your questions and concerns you may have regarding all aspects of interpretation at your event.

2) Interpreting

(in German only)Tailored to your specific language needs, I offer the following interpreting solutions for all subject areas:

· simultaneous
· consecutive
· liaison interpreting

I am personally available for German, English and French. For other languages, I am happy to organise teams of colleagues from my large network.

The difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting is clearly illustrated  here (in German only).


Below you will find some communication challenges and possible solutions.
Each event is unique, so please feel free to contact me when planning the details of your event. – 0179 2939283.

‍simultaneous interpreting

Conference, congress, seminar, etc.

Advantages: The interpreters can only be heard via headphones by those who need interpretation. They hear what is being said almost in real time.

Large number of people in need of interpreting; combination of several languages possible; several days possible

SOLUTION – simultaneous interpreting
2 to 3 interpreters in a booth, depending on the complexity of the task)

Small number of people in need of interpreting; just one foreign language possible; possible for a limited period of time

SOLUTION – simultaneous interpreting
simultaneous interpreting with mobile interpreting equipment, 2 interpreters for a maximum of 3 hours

Just 1 or 2 person(s) need an interpreter for only one foreign language; only possible for a limited period of time

SOLUTION – whispering
1 or 2 interpreters for a maximum of 3 hours

‍consecutive interpreting

for press conferences, product presentations, lectures

The interpreters work without technical aids and take turns with the speaker; requires twice the time, hence the simultaneous solution may be preferable

Advantages: The importance of the event and the speeches is underlined by the interpretation. No  expenses for setting up any kind of technology, e.g. interpreting booths.

liaison interpreting

Business discussion, negotiation, factory tour

1 or 2 interpreters work without any equipment directly during the discussion, sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph; only one foreign language possible

Advantages: The structure of a conversation is maintained. While the other language is spoken or interpreted, there is time for reflection and mental preparation of one’s own contributions.

3) Translation and proof-reading

Through our network of professional language service providers I am able to provide translation into and from 40 languages. I also design and localise your website for presenting yourself to an international public.

My services include:


  • translations within 24 hours
  • management of terminology data bases
  • only native speakers
  • transmission of documents either via e-mail, fax or  mail
  • supporting all current file formats