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our services in distance interpreting

Are you currently considering whether to hold an online congress or perhaps a hybrid event with interpretation?

Feel free to talk to me about the different options for online interpreting. Together we will find out what is best for you and your participants.


Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Remote interpreting (RI) or distance interpreting refers to the use of a team of interpreters via video transmission, e.g. for online conferences, virtual meetings and video chats. The simultaneous use of conference interpreters at virtual events is called Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI).

Remote simultaneous interpreting out of a hub

In case you are planning a big online event that needs interpreters for one or more languages, I work with reliable technology partners.
The interpreters work out of a so-called hub. A hub consists of interpreters‘ booths and screens on which the conference and the presentations can be seen. Technicians specialised in online multi-lingual meetings see to it that everything works well. Your participants can follow the video conference on their laptops or PCs.

Simultaneous interpreting at hybrid events

Part of the audience is on site, the other part follows your event on their screen online in their home office or in the office. Some of the speakers are on site. Others are connected via video.

We, the interpreters are on site with you. We have an interpreting booth or a separate room with monitors and interpreting consoles. The audience on site hears us via conference receivers. The technicians also pickup our sound and send it to the German or foreign language streaming site.

Interpreting live streams

It is becoming increasingly common for events to be streamed. Streams can also be interpreted. For this, we work either at your location or from a hub.When preparing your event, we can discuss together which solution suits you best.

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